You'll die either way

But if you read this letter

It might change your life

Headmaster Alexander Mullan Shares…

Delightfully Simple Monthly Stories & Lessons Laying Out YOUR Blueprint For Building A Lifestyle On Your Terms and Breaking Through Stubborn, Self-Sabotaging Mental Barriers

(Without going into debt, taking another online business course,

sucking up all your spare time, or jumping from idea to idea

without seeing any results)

The Sorcerers Guild is NOT about breaking rules, caring only for yourself, or trying to slit the throat of your competition.

There's no honour or value in acting this way.

Rather, the Sorcerers Guild is about bringing improvement-minded folk together, and delivering monthly action steps via a physical paper and ink newsletter you can use to enhance the most impactful areas of your life: relationships, business, lifestyle, physical and mental health.

Over the past years I've meticulously cast spells, sipped on potions, bent conventional rules, and gone against the grain to create the exact lifestyle I envisioned.

But, before I can teach you how to do the same, I need to bust a few myths, and share the story of how the Sorcerers Guild came to be.

And awaaaay we go…

Not All "Lifestyle Design" Is About Ferraris, Gold Rolex Watches, Or Popping Bottles Of Dom Perignon

As much as I loathe the phrase "lifestyle design," there's no simpler way to encapsulate what the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is about.

Together, you and I are going to bend rules, and shape your reality to your whim. Best of all, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to lifestyle design.

For example…

My friend Josh likes mixing music, dancing, occasional heavy boozing, and being one jacked motherfucker.

Robbie likes writing, brooding, nature walks, and sipping on drams of whiskey.

Mike likes bombing around the British countryside in his BMW M4, pretending to like his partners' cats, studying the art of written persuasion, and powerlifting.


I enjoy travelling with no return ticket, exploring cafes and  third wave coffee culture, yoga, lifting, writing, and embarking on intergalactic (read: psychedelic) adventures.

The thing about Freedom is that when you OWN yours, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

And that's pretty neat.

It's not about WHAT you use your Freedom for.

What matters is that you possess it, and use it to live life on your terms.

Whether your "why" for working your ass off is born from desire to stay at home with your kids and watch Frozen for 47 consecutive nights, to never have to wake up to an alarm clock, or to live an international playboy lifestyle…neither is more or less noble, more right or wrong.


To earn your Freedom you gotta live and breathe your mission. Plus, have a plan that you're willing to scorch the earth to execute.

There's no other way.

To be clear, the kind of Freedom I'm talking about does NOT come about through woo-woo incantations, weekly chakra alignments, or camp fire manifestation.

No, the kind of Freedom I'm going to show you comes from building a business that funds and supports your ideal world.

Once you truly own your Freedom, there's no going back. Ever.

Freedom is about doing what you want, when you want, with who you want, and how you want. Once you get a taste of what it's like, your life will never be the same (and you sure as hell won't be going back).

For you, well, I don't know exactly what you want…but I do know that you wouldn't be reading this letter if the idea of unlocking Freedom of your time, location, and finances didn't excite you.

Which brings me to what's next…

Worldbuilding—One Sorcerer's Fresh Take On Lifestyle Design

As I said above, I'm not a fan of the term "lifestyle design." So, you and I are going to do things a little different around these parts.

In fictional work, building a world is an essential piece of the puzzle, and refers to the process of creating an imaginary world, along with its accompanying maps, geography, history, characters, and events.

At the beginning of my favourite fiction series of all time, The Kingkiller Chronicle, the first pages (before the story even begins) are taken up by a map of the world you're about to immerse yourself in. This bird's eye view of the world you're about to sink into helps you to orient yourself, understand the inevitable future references to far off lands, and to make your first micro-commitment to "buying in" to the story.

The way I see it, you can take the same worldbuilding approach with your own life as you would writing a story. I've been doing this over the past few years, and I'm far from the only one to do so. (However, I do not-so-humbly submit I'm the first to talk about it this manner).

Following this line of thinking, you must view your life as a story. Whether you realize it or not, you've probably accepted this on some level in the use of phrases such as "a new chapter begins." We curious humans tend to use these phrases, among others, as a way of gaining closure, finding a reset, or charting a new course.

For your worldbuilding purposes moving forward, your life is a fictional tale, and I'm going to help you write the chapters to come to be ones that lead to your ideal lifesty—ahem—world. When you're ready to begin, drag your eyes down yonder…

Why Would You Listen To Stories, Lessons, And Advice On Building A Location-Independent Business And Lifestyle From Someone Who Commutes To A 9-5 Each Day?

I'm not preaching this stuff from a pedestal in a country I've never left.

I've spent years doing what I teach inside the Sorcerers Guild…because I REFUSE to live my life on someone else's terms, building their dream, and paying their bills.

Honestly, these days it feels like I've found a stack of cheat codes for life, and so my friend Jorden tells me,  "you're pretty good at being a bum."

A bum who travels at will, drinks a borderline unreasonable amount of espresso, and can sleep until 3pm if he so pleases…while stacking more gold doubloons in his treasure chest each month.

While the rat race sprints by, stressed-out, unhappy, unhealthy, time-broke, and cash-poor, I prefer to operate in the back alleys, flying under the radar, but constantly furthering my missions.

Care to join me?

The Sorcerers Guild Paper And Ink Newsletter Is My Magnum Opus—And I'm Going To Teach You How To Build, Live, And Experience A Magical Lifestyle For Yourself

If you're excited about the idea of rising above the crowd, bucking the norm, and doing whatever it takes to build the business, life, and reality you've been dreaming about…you're my kind of Apprentice, and I suggest you read the rest of this letter in its glorious entirety.

To kick things off, here's a lesson that's going to reshape your world (even if you decide that the Sorcerers Guild isn't for you, this single phrase is powerful enough to dial your life up to 13…if you apply it).

"A Little Self-Delusion Goes A Long Way"

To build a life, a business, a reality that you love, many people think you have to be born into the right family, blessed with Einsteins genes, or dunked in a pot of magic potion as a baby.

If you believe that, check yourself.

If you're willing to let a little bit of delusion and self-confidence seep into your thoughts, actions, and decisions, you're going to learn:

  1. How to leverage the power of email marketing to create a stress-free, location-independent, profitable business that grants you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want (I'm not saying it will be easy or happen by next week…but it can absolutely be done if you apply what I share with you)
  2. The life-changing 'Lone Loonie' principle (applying this principle to business and your life will eliminate stress from your life, surge your income, and bring clarity to your mission)
  3. A self-perpetuating system for generating enough cash to pay your bills, live comfortably, delete your debt, and take a mini-holiday each month (again, this won't happen overnight, but the PRINCIPLES I teach inside the Sorcerers Guild will load your gun with all the ammo you need to make it happen)
  4. How to become a leader people are happy to follow (there's no better feeling than knowing you're impacting and helping people simply by being who YOU are, without effort or apology)
  5. How you can save money, time, and stress by soaking up the lessons I've learned (while avoiding the pitfalls, trials, and tribulations from five years of trying to figure shit out on my own)
  6. And I'll even tap into my fitness background on occasion and help you build muscle, burn fat, become stronger, and build a body oozing with confidence and swagger (fitness is like a gateway drug to living a better life, and your health is the most valuable thing you possess aside from time)

Look, I'm not saying that you should be living in the clouds and believing that simply "wishing" for what you want is enough to make it happen.

There's no dancing around the fact that doing work is required.

As I'll reveal to you later in this letter, there IS a formula and mindset crucial to making this lifestyle hum.

But first…you need to understand exactly what "work" means to members of the Sorcerers Guild.

Inside The Sorcerers Guild, "Work" Has A Unique Meaning (And It's Not Something We Dread)

The way we see work, it's not about slaving away for someone else, building their vision, helping them make bank while you're left fighting for scraps.

Work is about doing what you need to do to create the business, life, and relationships you desire.

Sure, there will be moments of frustration, despair, and times where it all seems hopeless. That's simply life, and is unavoidable.

But rather than focus on the lows, the struggles, and the challenges (which are really lessons for you to keep improving, building, and growing), I challenge you to tune your focus to the wins, highs, and triumphs that will come your way.

To show you what's possible when you do the work…here's the truth and proof of what I've personally achieved since I decided to nut up, take responsibility for everything in my life, and began taking relentless action to build the reality I desired.

Since I decided enough was enough and began living my sorcerous ways, I have:

  • Happily retired my fitness business and dove headfirst into copywriting & email marketing (I'm a writer mate…ain't no meathead. As a result, my income doubled within two months and continues to rise)
  • Landed sturdy retainer clients (all seven-figure businesses, a.k.a a copywriter's wet dream), that keep a roof over my head, belly full, blood coursing with espresso, and afford me a monthly "holiday" (thus granting me weeks worth of stressless freedom to work on what excites and amuses me…or to simply piss off and drink espresso)
  • Understood where and how I fucked up all my previous relationships (as well as learning how to "fix" my issues, become a better human, and have a positive impact on the lives of others rather than dragging them down)
  • Built the freedom and ability to travel wherever, whenever without having to worry about money (as noted above, this particular project was created while travelling leisurely through the U.S, U.K, Canada, Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands)
  • Created a suite of my own products which allows me to only work with the people I choose (creating multiple income streams like so will grant you stability and freedom unlike anything else you'll ever experience)
  • Built my "Chosen Family" and have excavated deeper, stronger, higher-quality friendships than I could ever have imagined (carefully building your circle of influence has the power to change your life in ways you can't imagine)
  • Have developed a way of being that has a significant, positive impact on people's lives without doing much more than being myself (once you get a taste for helping others improve themselves, relationships, business, and their life…the sky truly is the limit)
  • As a rule, any mission I set my mind to gets marked complete, I get what I want, and things across all aspects of my life tend to slide into place of their own accord (once you're shown the path to this clarity and confidence…your life will never be the same again)
  • At the time of writing this letter, I'm dancing around the five-figure/month mark without needing to work more than 20 hours per week (naturally I DO end up working more, because 20K months don't happen by themselves…)
  • Built the freedom and earned the means to write sales letters in European cafes, take coaching calls in Thailand, and answer emails from boutique New York City hotels (it's startling how many people would rather be able to do a few hours of work each day from any locale they please, rather than be tied to a single job that only offers 2-4 weeks off per year…but don't know how)

Not too shabby for someone who dropped out of college and spent four years slinging lattes at Starbucks before getting his shit together.

Wait—Can An Ex-Barista Really Do All This?

The first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT one of those 21st century digital nomad-type millennials. I give precisely zero fucks about $14 avocado toast, craft beer, or driving a Prius to high-end boozy brunches.

I don't dream to live in the lap of luxury, work from a tropical beach while filling my laptop with sand, and you won't find me posting inspirational quotes on YouTube (try coffee, scenery, and the odd pic of my girl and I instead). Nor do I give a damn about hustling like Gary Vee, splashing around at Vegas pool parties, or building a billion dollar empire (that sounds like a whole lotta headache to a guy like me).

If you wanna know what I give a fuck about, it's these things:

  1. Being financially liquid.
  2. Keeping a low profile.
  3. Living in an environment that enhances my experience on this chunk of rock.

I'm not saying I'm making 7-figures or have life and business all figured out, but…

I Have Built A Laid-Back, Stress-Free, Highly Profitable Lifestyle Most Will Only Dream Of

I'll be the first person to say it, closely followed by the handful of mentors who have helped me get here.

I am NOT special in any way shape or form.

I simply harboured enough delusion to believe I could achieve everything above, recognized and developed a monetizable skill (writing + storytelling), then doubled down on my "recipe" with financial investment into mentors and information to help things along.

Coming straight from the mouths of two mentors, here's the (not-so) secret method I've used to build this lifestyle, my business, and relationships:

Mike Samuels, The World's Most British Copywriter, spits the harsh truth about what it takes to climb your way to the top…

"…A hell of a lot of practice, a hefty pinch of determination, 10 fluid ounces of financial investment, and just a sprinkling of charisma, charm, and a willingness to work really bloody hard."

New York Times Bestselling Author John Romaniello tees up what's required to be successful in any of your schemes…

"Guidance is important. Mentorship can be a gamechanger. Coaching shortens the learning curve. But the work is still there. And that's all you."

If you've got the eyes to hear and nose to see, there's a common trend in each of their words.

Patience, and a dogged willingness to show up every damn day.

Sound like work?

That's the truth, mate.

While it might be work, I can promise you it'll be the most worthwhile "work" you'll ever do. When you realize you have the freedom to sip espresso in cafes around the world, buy concert tickets without a thought, keep food on your family's table, and order what you really want when eating out, you'll be bloody grateful for the work you've done.

When you apply the monthly lessons you'll receive in the illustrious Sorcerers Guild print newsletter, you're going to experience:

  • What it feels like to OWN the means to book a spontaneous trip. Do you want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Eat pizza in Italy or feast on sushi in Japan? What about walk around the Acropolis in Greece? (The Sorcerers Guild will help you satisfy your deepest burning curiosities about the world…)
  • The means to take taxis instead of a stuffy train or bus, stay in boutique hotels rather than Super 8s, and order as many appetizers and desserts as you want (being able to order whatever you want to eat and drink without a second thought is delightfully liberating)
  • The rush of pride and euphoria when the people who helped you get to where you are begin to give you shoutouts, praise, and recommendations (for me this peaked when I appeared in a combined 5 emails and Facebook posts from key mentors, Mike Samuels, John Romaniello, and Ben Settle inside of two weeks, plus having one of my sales letters featured in an article on Growth Lab, Ramit Sethi's business building blog)
  • The ability to say "YES" when you're asked to go out for dinner or to an event (as you adopt this sorcerous lifestyle, you'll never have to turn down "fun" because you have to work or don't have two dimes to rub together)
  • The lessons I've learned from exploring the therapeutic use of psychedelics to open unseen doors, change lives, and bend reality (you wanna talk about sorcery and magic…the stories I'll share on this subject might just change your life)
  • And…the relentless surge of self-esteem and pride that comes with being able to say YOU built this vehicle that supports your family, funds your lifestyle, and furthers your missions (knowing you have the ironclad ability to protect, provide for, and nurture the people in your life who matter most is a feeling that will NEVER get old)

Hold up!

Before this builds up into something that sounds too good to be true, lemme level with you.

I don't rake in millions of dollars in gold doubloons, drive a Maserati (…yet), or have ladies lining up down the street to get a piece of my voluptuous ass.

That ain't me.

I'm a simple man with simple (albeit expensive) tastes who wants nothing more than a simple life in which I don't have to stress about money, live and travel where I please, do meaningful work that has a positive impact on the lives of others, and lead folks such as yourself to build the life you envision.

Because I'm living proof that it IS possible, and I've got a bottomless stream of lessons, stories, and ideas to help you do much the same.

To esteemed members of the Sorcerers Guild, earning more money and creating freedom isn't about the ability to buy endless amounts of things.

Rather, it's about having the ability to fill your life only with the things (and people) that matter most.

So…if you're willing to invest $113 per month into the illustrious Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter, I'm going to lead you from lost & listless to Confident & Focused while teaching you how to:

  1. Use your money to quite literally buy back your time (when you have more time, you can fill it with whatever you damn well please, thus bringing untold levels of enjoyment and pleasure into your life)
  2. Create new degrees of freedom in your life that allow you to live entirely on your own terms (you can do whatever you want, when you want, with whom you want – there are no rules, limits, or boundaries other than those you create for yourself)

Turning The Promise Of Death Into Your Unfair Advantage (Plus We'll Tap Into The Ancient Latin Phrase Responsible For "Hardening" My Mindset)

It's time to walk down a path few will ever talk about…

You are going to die one day.

It could be 63 years from now of natural causes, an asteroid could take us out like the dinosaurs next month, or a cinder block might fall on your head tomorrow morning.

You don't know when Death is going to come a' knocking.

Which is an undeniable fact (if you avoid this, pull your head out of the sand and slap yourself around. I cannot help you until you're ready to open your eyes and exist in raw reality with the rest of the Sorcerers Guild).

In English, "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis" means "Art Is Long, Life Is Short."

I have the above inscribed around a skull and tattooed on the back of my forearm as a permanent reminder that life is indeed short, and it makes for a fool's errand to not use that as motivation to take relentless action towards what you want.

Because no matter what…death is coming for you.

In my eyes, that's reason enough to buck your fears, and start charging towards whatever your heart desires.

Here, have another espresso before you decide:

One way or another, you and I need to get crystal-clear on whether or not the Sorcerers Guild is what you need to help you make the most of your remaining time on this chunk of rock.

The Sorcerers Guild ISN'T For Peasants Who:

  1. Are looking for a done-for-you business that you can set up without doing much more than scratching your ass.
  2. Aren't willing to look  "work" through a new lens, with a new perspective.
  3. Won't read each newsletter you receive at least 5 times, absorb the principles, the lessons, and apply them to your life.
  4. Refuse to practice patience while relentlessly chasing your mission.

Leaving Plenty Of Room In The Sorcerers Guild For Heros & Knights Who Are Excited About:

  1. Waking up to a life that fulfills rather than drains.
  2. Creating the freedom to live or travel when, where, and with whom they please.
  3. Unlocking the ability to wake up, live, and go to bed on their schedule.
  4. Doing whatever the hell they want.

Is that you?


Do you want it to be?

Are ready to nut up, kick your fears in the dick, put in the work, and start doing the damn thing?

Behold…The Additional Spells And Potions That Come With Your Sorcerers Guild Membership

  1. Monthly deliveries of the Sorcerers Guild digital print newsletter (there's something special about holding a physical thing between your hands while soaking up the information stamped into its pages)

VALUE: $113 per issue.

  1. Direct email access to me with any questions on topics I'm qualified to answer (email marketing, copywriting, persuasion, time management, coffee, travel, fitness, brewing magic potion, and making hard stuff look easy, to name a few)

VALUE: What's it worth to you to have someone in your pocket who will happily answer all your questions within 24 hours? Personally, I pay over $500/month for such a privilege.

  1. Discounts and early access to current and future products (also: being a member of The Sorcerers Guild is the only way to access my other products, Email Imagery 2.0, Copy & Coffee, and whatever else I cook up)

VALUE: A literal $100-$200 in savings per product.

  1. Backdoor access to "lost" marketing and copywriting trainings (every so often I'll be hit with a burst of inspiration and include "lost" trainings in your monthly newsletter delivery)

VALUE: If were ever to sell these, the sticker price would be at least $113.

  1. A rare and valuable Guild-members only coffee mug, serving as a daily reminder of your missions (I'm a huge believer in daily touches, whether it be marketing your business, in your relationships, or staying cognizant of your mission)

VALUE: $113.

  1.  "Funnel hacking" breakdowns (running on the same frequency of lost marketing and copywriting trainings, we'll take a deep dive into the funnels of wildly successful products, and I'll map out exactly what's going on at every stage, and how you can implement this into your business)

VALUE: Immense if you apply the principles I'll reveal…and worthless if you do nothing with what I'm going to show you.

  1. Exclusive invitations to 'The MindMeld' (The MindMeld is a live in-person event focused on unfucking your head, eliminating problems from your business and life, and experiencing intergalactic adventures)

VALUE: Nobody else does this.

(Note: there is an extra cost to attend MindMeld events)

If You're Serious About Living The Sorcerer's Life, You've Only Got ONE Option…

Every single month new issues of the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter ship out to members around the globe.

Whether YOU receive these issues or not is no skin off my back, and, honestly, not much will happen if you don't take the plunge.

I could bore you with the horror stories of how fence-sitters who decided to stay getting splinters in their ass woke up the next day to gangrenous limbs…

Or were haunted by the ghost of late, great, world's most dead copywriting legend, Eugene Schwartz for the rest of their days…

Or found themselves in an alternate timeline where everyone was forced to take ice-cold showers each morning…

But I won't.

Instead, I'll just say that not investing when you've been soaking up my emails, and read this far seems a little odd to me.

You know what's in The Sorcerer's Guild. You know the benefits it brings. You know how it's different from damn well everything else out there.

So yeah – nothing much will happen if you don't invest.

But that's exactly why I'd say it's worth dropping that $113 down, even just to test it out for a month.

If you're ready for change it's time to sack up, take responsibility, and join the Sorcerers Guild.

I've said my piece, handed you the key, and shown you where the door is.

Now it's time for you to walk through.


Solo Doppio
One Print Newsletter Delivery Per Month (Value: $113)


One Sorcerers Guild Coffee Mug (Value: $113)
One 13-Minute Espresso Coaching Call Per Month (Value: $69.57)
Total Value: $126/Month $195.57/Month
Your Price: $113/Month $129.95/Month

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Got Questions? I've Got Answers

If you've got any unanswered questions, this here FAQ should do the trick.

Alex, you write good and stuff, but I'm confused. What exactly is The Sorcerers Guild?

The Sorcerers Guild is a monthly PHYSICAL print newsletter that will help you:

  1. Build the world and lifestyle you've always dreamt of.
  2. Pull off all the heists, schemes, capers you've cooked up.
  3. Earn more money.
  4. Live life on YOUR terms.

The Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is NOT strictly limited to teaching you copywriting, sales, marketing, or online business building. Sure, we'll talk about those things as they're the bread and butter of what I do…

But you're also going to receive insight into the powerful, proven principles I've used to enhance the most important aspects of life: relationships, freedom, health, and finances…which you can use to shape and control your life.

You said this is a physical product. How much does the shipping cost?

All shipping and delivery costs are covered on my end.

You pay nothing more than your monthly membership fee, and I'll handle the rest.

I like the idea of the Guild, but I'm a newbie to marketing/don't like hard-selling. What gives?

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of hard-selling myself. Sure, there's a time and place for it (such as the end of a product launch or at a looming deadline), but the way I teach persuasion, copywriting, and selling isn't about hitting people over the head with a hammer until they buy.

Rather, it's about presenting the option to buy, and opening the door to take the next step.

People buy when they're ready, and I'm not one to force their hand.


THIS is the style of sales and marketing that you're going to learn.

Do you offer refunds?

No. This newsletter ain't no flatscreen TV or pair of jeans.

Whether you apply the lessons inside or not…that's on you, and I won't accept refunds because you aren't willing to do the work.

Is the Sorcerers Guild available in PDF?

No. Not now, and not ever.

How many times have you bought a digital product and told yourself "I'll get to it later," only to find that months later it's caked in a thick, cruddy layer of e-dust?

Yeah, exactly.

My intention with the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is that having a tangible, physical object shipped to your door, you'll be forced to read and take action on the lessons inside.

Is the Sorcerers Guild life coaching in disguise?

Ew. Fuck no.

There ain't much coaching here. What you'll find inside the Sorcerers Guild are lessons, stories, and principles to put more cash in your wallet, and create new degrees of freedom in your life.

It's up to you and you alone to apply what I teach. I can hold the door of opportunity and growth open for you…but I can't do the work for you. And work is what will need to be done.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yup. No fuss no muss.

There are no contracts, no fees, and no decaf allowed in The Sorcerers Guild.

What am I waiting for?

Good question. If you want…

…exclusive access to delightfully simple monthly stories & lessons laying out YOUR blueprint for building a business which supports your missions and funds a lifestyle on your own terms.


Solo Doppio
One Print Newsletter Delivery Per Month (Value: $113)


One Sorcerers Guild Coffee Mug (Value: $113)
One 13-Minute Espresso Coaching Call Per Month (Value: $69.57)
Total Value: $126/Month $195.57/Month
Your Price: $113/Month $129.95/Month

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